HEIMAT – zwei – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)teenage menopause records2021


What is time in the face of a great album?
Those albums that do not age, which never cease to surprise with their innovative freshness, listening after listening, ignoring the years passing by.
Heimat’s debut album is one of those, which you keep on the shelf or the turntable, like a reassuring fetish object.
It is quite legitimate that these two, Armelle and Olivier, proud genius offsprings of Cheveu and the mythical The Dreams, have groped their way forward, without any sense of urgency but relying on their solid live experience, indulging in meticulous experimental research in order to sculpt the worthy successor of their « Heimat »-manifesto.
If “Zwei” is inspired by marginal lands that were untouched before them, the production and extensive mastering allow the duo’s experiments to cross new borders. Armelle’s voice moves away from Germanic influences, digging deeper and further south.
These forays make their incongruous music furthermore uncategorizable : more direct and sharp, it nevertheless loses its audience in a limbo of burnt pop, broken but reassuring at the same time.


1. Ita
2. Quando
3. Baggersee
4. Kàvergnié
5. Unterwegs

1. Deine Frau
2. Tu Miedo
3. Weiss Du
4. La Colline
5. Die!
6. Fin

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