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Entitled “Arriving Angels”, Chesley’s third release under the HELEN MONEY moniker sees the very prolific cellist explore the instrument she uses as her sole musical weapon even further. Where her classical music approach and expertise works in conspiracy alongside the realm of experimental, ambient, and drone music while also somewhat crossing over into the realms of doom metal. Also armed with an array of effects pedals and having Neurosis/Sleep drummer Jason Roeder manning the warhammers, “Arriving Angels” is an intriguing sonic exploration piece unlike anything we’ve ever released before.

Recorded and mixed by Chesley’s close friend, legendary music icon Steve Albini at Electrical Audio studios, giving “Arriving Angels” pretty much one of the most formidable sounding records we’ve ever put out, the new HELEN MONEY release serves itself almost as a meditative piece of sorts drawing the very fine line between elaborate progressive rhythms and stark minimalism.

With beautiful packaging featuring artwork and design by Steve Byram (who was responsible for laying out such classic albums as “Reign In Blood” and “License To Ill”).


1. Rift
2. Upsetter
3. Beautiful Friends
4. Radio Recorders
5. Midwestern Nights Dream
6. Arriving Angels
7. Schrapnel
8. Runout

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