HELMET – dead to the world

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Dead To The World is the long anticipated new studio album in seven years. With this album, mixed by Jay Baumgardner (Bush, POD, Papa Roach, Evanescence), Helmet have once again proven to be one of America’s most influential alternative rock bands. Dead To The World comes with heavy guitar riffs, blasting drums and the distinctive voice of front man Page Hamilton. The album is energy at its purest form. Every track adds its unique flavour to mix of hard rock, alternative, metal and punk, showing the world again how versatile a rock album can be.


1. Life or Death
2. I ♥ My Guru
3. Bad News
4. Red Scare
5. Dead to the World
6. Green Shirt
7. Expect the World
8. Die Alone
9. Drunk in the Afternoon
10. Look Alive
11. Life or Death (Slow)

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