HIGH ON FIRE – death is this communion – CD

CDrelapse records2007


The almighty HIGH ON FIRE reemerge from the shadows to conquer the masses with their signature brand of brazen metal. Produced and recorded by Jack Endino (NIRVANA, SOUNDGARDEN), Death Is This Communion is High On Fire’s ultimate sonic masterpiece. Matt Pike's unmistakable guitar playing and throaty war cry lead the charge, while Des Kensel’s massive drumming takes on a new life and pushes the beast onward more urgently than ever. From the rampaging Rumors of War and Fury Whip, through the hypnotic riffs of Ethereal and the album’s title track, Death Is This Communion is HIGH ON FIRE's masterwork.


1. Fury Whip
2. Waste of Tiamat
3. Death Is This Communion
4. Khanrad’s Wall
5. Turk
6. Headhunter
7. Rumors of War
8. Dii
9. Cyclopian Scape
10. Ethereal
11. Return to Nod

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