HIGH ON FIRE – the art of self defense – CD digipack

CD digipacksouthern lord recordings2001


The classic first recordings of High On Fire remastered and restored! Contains the bands very first demo + the legendary debut album: « the Art of Self Defense ». and the 2 songs from the AOSD bonus 7″. All 11 triumphant tracks sonically enhanced by Brad Boatright (mastering engineer of Sleeps' Dopesmoker). This entire project was given the full blessing by the band. Our intent was to forge the ultimate testament to this monumental album. An essential documentation of one of the best bands of our time. The digi-pac CD version contains a mounted 48 page (!!!) booklet with never before published photographs from the era. Every single aspect of this release was given the obsessive Southern Lord attention to detail.


1. baghdad
2. 10,000 years
3. blood from zion
4. last
5. fireface
6. master of fists
7. steel shoe
8. the usurper
9. blood from zion
10. 10,000 years
11. masters of fists

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