HIGHGATE – black frost fallout

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It’s time to rejoice again. The amazing demo of the mighty Highgate is given another release together with older tracks, shiny new intermezzo and Live Ritual on one ring of plastic. If somehow you managed to miss that band and their hybrid of minimalist yet ultra-powerful doom, noise, sludge and grim black metal, here is your chance to get addicted to captivating and uplifting ugliness. If however you are the surviving victim of their oppressive sound, you know that it is yet another blessing. There is nothing even remotely optimistic in the Kentucky deadliest’s message – only desolation, hatred and inhabited earth. And we wouldn’t want it to be any different.


1. Black Frost Fallout
2. Sermon Of The Apocalypse
3. Burial Light
4. The Wolf
5. G.H.H
6. Sermon Of The Apocalypse 2005
7. The Sea Of Perdition (Edit)
8. Untitled, Second Movement (Live)
9. Black Frost Fallout (Live)

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