HIPPIES OF TODAY – hippies of today – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)destructure records2011


This new release is a kind of 10 years birthday present for Destructure. Destructure started as a distro at the very end of the 90’s and our first release was HIPPIES OF TODAY 10″ which came out in december 2001. Hippies of Today was a grind/punk band from Caen & Le Mans (France) which was very active in the early 2000’s. They released a “s/t” 10″ and a split 7″ with The Index as well as a CD collecting all these songs. They played lots of shows in France, a european tour in 2002 and then disbanded due to lack of time and distance between members. Few months ago, at the end of 2011, HIPPIES OF TODAY members were asked to record a new album for some kind of label 10 years celebrations. After a couple of rehearsal week ends, the trio recorded 10 songs by itself in december 2011. This has been then mixed and mastered by Guillaume Doussaud from SWAN SOUND STUDIO. These new songs are the same kind of music that the band used to do (most of the songs were written years ago but never recorded, the band rearranged them in 2011), it’s a mix of punk, hardcore and grind with melodies and metal hints. The new recording is a bit different, more mature of course but also very raw, dark, raging and angry. The sound, music and lyrics have evolved just like the world around us. For this release we asked our good friend Stephane from AINU Records to collaborate with his label, it was a logical choice since he has made a lot for the band and also for the label during the past 10 years.


1. Gangrène
2. L’avancée
3. A rebours
4. Au seuil
5. Romance

1. Logique
2. Bourbier
3. Immaculé
4. Pandémie
5. Vorace

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