HOODED MENACE _ never cross the dead – VINYL 2xLP (black)

VINYL 2xLP (black)hammerheart records2010


A bludgeoning and sprawling mix of old-school death metal and heaving glacial sludge doom, « Never Cross The Dead » is a horror-filled journey through the eyes of HOODED MENACE mastermind Lasse Pyykko, one of the most notorious, productive and prolific musicians in the underground death metal scene. Known for taking inspiration from cult horror films when it comes to the thematic elements that embody and give character to HOODED MENACE (« Never Cross The Dead », lyrically, takes inspiration from such films as « Return Of The Evil Dead », « Night Of The Seagulls » and
« Vampyres », along with paying homage to Hammer films in general), musically, Lasse Pyykko has developed the sonic landscape of HOODED MENACE with this new release and has slightly expanded it a bit more. Of course it still maintains the elements of old-school death metal and crushing doom like never before because « Never Cross The Dead » is the heaviest- and sickest-sounding thing that Lasse has delivered to date. But on this new release, you’ll hear a bit more BLACK SABBATH influence, along with more catchy dual guitar harmonics and more killer guitar leads, all while maintaining that classic ancient death metal/doom aura that bands like AUTOPSY, WINTER and CATHEDRAL (first album only!) had way back in the day


1. Never Cross the Dead
2. Terror Castle

1. Night of the Deathcult
2. The House of Hammer

1. Rituals of Mortal Cremation
2. As the Creatures Ascend

1. From Their Coffined Slumber
2. Theme from Return of the Evil Dead

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