HORISONT – odyssey – CD

CDrise above records2015


Formed in 2006, Horisont have spent close to a decade kicking ass, taking names and establishing themselves at the forefront of the Scandinavian retro rock revival (see also Witchcraft, Graveyard, Ghost etc), injecting their sound with dark boogie blues, prog complexities, NWOBHM swagger and fire-spitting choruses set to scorch the eyebrows of the first ten rows. This is music made without irony, unafraid to acknowledge an allegiance to past greats such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Cactus, Thin Lizzy, Yes, Judas Priest, and perhaps the melodic power metal of Helloween. Their first two albums Tva Sidor Av Horisonten (2009) and Second Assault (2012) earned Horisont a special place in the rock underground, while Time Warriors (2013) was a no-holds barred demonstration of classic rock and metal with a fearlessly inventive streak, and took them to a wider international audience. And now comes Odyssey, a bold leap into more expansive and ethereal musical territory. It s the band s first with native Australian and former Church Of Misery guitarist Tom Sutton. Strap in, sit back and let the Odyssey begin….


1. Odyssey
2. Break the Limit
3. Blind Leder Blind
4. Bad News
5. Light My Way
6. The Night Stalker
7. Flying
8. Back on the Streets
9. Beyond the Sun
10. Red Light
11. Stader Brinner
12. Timmarna

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