HUNGRY LIKE RAKOVITZ – the cross is not enough

VINYL LP (black)shove records2013


Italian grind/sludge/post hardcore for you today courtesy of the near-destroyed amps of Hungry Like Rakovitz. The band themselves prefer the term “grimecore”.

Formed in 2004, they released their first demo in 2006. The current line-up had a split single out in 2008 and the band recently unleashed a full album on the world – The Cross is Not Enough.

There are a lot of bands out there at the moment pushing the sludge sound to the extremes, such as Liverpool’s Conan. Hungry Like Rakovitz aren’t quite hitting the edge of the same envelope, instead injecting a bit of pace or groove into proceedings in the form of the post hardcore influence.

The result is a strange hybrid, but one which gives a unique (as far as I’ve found) sound.


1. Reborn To Die Twice
2. Tears Of Strangers Are Only Water
3. Pornographers Of Violence
4. Celestial Incest
5. Demons Over Demons
6. Revelation Six
7. Please Tom Selleck Drive Me To Hell
8. Baptized In Reverse
9. Anders Suhm
10. Putrefiction

1. The One Who Knocks At Your Door
2. The Size Of The Horn
3. We Who Fuck The Darkness
4. The Glorious Way To Become Ashes
5. I’ll Be Back In Five Minutes With John Titor
6. Abyss Obsessed
7. In The Beard Of Satan
8. Redemption In Slowmotion
9. The Sound Of You Dying

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