INDESINENCE – vessels of light and decay – CD hardcover digibook

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For just over a decade, the UK’s most promising death/doom metal band have been known to create some of the most enveloping, meticulously crafted, and all-encompassing death doom metal of our time. From their 2003 “Ecstatic Lethargy” demo (which we heard upon its release and which literally blew us away) to their “Noctambulism” debut three years later, INDESINENCE were always a band to behold, even though they were not one to always be thrusted into the spotlight of the UK metal scene, they are undoubtedly one of the truly elite bands to hail from said metal scene. With a sound culled from such reference points as Disembowelment, the very early/old-school days of the Peaceville Three, and Celtic Frost, INDESINENCE would inevitably carve their own unique identity within the death/doom metal movement. And with their new album, six years after their last full-length (and only their second full-length album), INDESINENCE (which features members involved with such respected bands as Grave Miasma, Cruciamentum, Code, Pantheist, Binah, Esoteric, and Adorior) have created a death/doom masterpiece unlike any in the genre. As the band describes in their own words, they characterize “Vessels Of Light And Decay” as a “full frontal assault of Celtic Frost, Swans, Demoncy, and Barclay James Harvest”.

Packaged in a gorgeously designed thick and somewhat-weighty hardcover digibook (the only edition you can buy “Vessels Of Light And Decay” in) with an expansive 28 page booklet glued in, tracklisting for “Vessels Of Light And Decay” goes as follows:


1. Flux
2. Paradigms
3. Vanished Is The Haze
4. Communion
5. La Madrugada Eterna
6. Fading (Further Beyond)
7. Unveiled

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