IRON MAN – black night – CD

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Very few bands come close to sounding like the classic BLACK SABBATH, but I think IRON MAN along with WITCHFINDER GENERAL, PENTAGRAM, and PAGAN ALTAR are the closest from the beginning. IRON MAN is a very special band to the underground heavy metal scene which craves for those fans who seek dark/doomy sounds that’sABBATH created and really there are not many bands that even dared to try to re-create SABBATH with their own twist, but I feel IRON MAN have done so without being a cut and paste rip off band. This first album marks a birth of one of the few bands like I mentioned above who dove in head first into that dark atmosphere. This album is all about the riffs and heaviness, which if SABBATH themselves would ever hear this, they probably would be impressed too. There wasn’t much salvaged from the early days of IRON MAN , so the phot’s are limited, but we were able to re-master the album to make it’sound as heavy as possible.


1. Choices
2. The Liar
3. Black Night
4. Leaving Town
5. Life After Death
6. Life’s Toll
7. A Child’s Future
8. Vampires
9. Time for Change
10. Why Can’t You See Me?

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