JANVIER – janvier – VINYL LP (white)

VINYL LP (white)vendetta records2018


For the most part, Janvier presents its cold black metal in the form of slow moving pieces, bristling with stark guitar melodies and slow moving percussion. The production is sharp, yet the music is delivered with an earthen tone. The vocals are pained and tormented, offering a chilling (pun intended) counterpoint to the instrumentation. The guitars take center stage, delivering nicely crafted,yet monotonous trem riffs mixed with passages of simplistic minor key chords. Though the music is often presented in a slow moving fashion, a flurry of speed and intensity, with double kicks and faster riffing, come in towards the end of the third track and continue into the beginning of the fourth track. Ultimately, this burst slows down as the album trails out, but it's a nice change of pace after the slow and atmospheric beginning.


1. Des Pas Dans La Neige
2. A Travers La Tourmente I

1. A Travers La Tourmente II
2. A Travers La Tourmente III

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