JC SATAN – hell death samba

VINYL LP (black)slovenly recordings2011


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Slovenly presents a beast of a sophomore slam from our beloved European juvenile delinquents J.C. Satan. « Hell Death Samba, » like their previous opus « Sick of Love, » is a beautifully morose, sonic ode to the days of wine and dead roses, effortlessly melding goth with garage & heavy psych, filtered through a titanic pile of noise. This latest effort sees more of lyricist Paula S.’s vocals spotlighted in various structures from cranky twisters to bouncy tropicalia, like a crack pipe full of indy-rock with the devils pulse and a witch’s cackle. Tricked out with a wealth of moods from huge punk rave-ups to underwater pop art dreamscapes, we’ve been simultaneously blessed & cursed with another provocative slab: proof that this demented crew of French and Italian pranksters are no one-trick-poodles.


1. Hell Death Samba
2. Dear Dark
3. Heil Mary
4. Misunderstood
5. Blasted
6. In The Light

1. Crystal Snake
2. Close To Me
3. Abandon
4. The Junkie Knight
5. Unhappy Girl
6. Rhythm Of Sex

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