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Early 2009, Bones Brigade records released the band’s debut MCD, “At our expense!”. Fast, intense, brutal Grindcore bordering on both Death Metal (the early Brutal Truth way) and Power Violence (the Idiots Parade way) is the deal. Play fast or don’t, muthafuckaz !


1. Sticking My Carbon Footprint Up Your Arse
2. Stagnate
3. I’m Not a Pessimist (It’s Just That We’re All Fucked)
4. Scorn of Humanity
5. Beating Robert Mugabe to Death…
6. Hyper-Real
7. The Old Stats Test
8. Funkhouser
9. Mindless Zombified Fucks
10. Wasting Your Life in a Dead End Existence
11. Cure Vs Profit
12. Despair Is Setting In
13. Brain-dead Beer Bong, Is Stino’s Epitaph
14. Plato Complex
15. Be Quick Or Be Dead
16. Project 2501
17. Smelly John Pierre

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