KANTER, ADRIEN – infinites reflexions – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)nuit et brouillard2017


Adrien Kanter is an eclectic, self-taught musician, who made his debut at the age of 20 (guitar, trumpet and synthesisers). Equally comfortable playing electronic music or rock (improvised or otherwise) he has formed the bands Trésors (Electro), Le Réveil des Tropiques (Psychedelic Rock), Deux Fois Deux Fois (Folk), Testa Rossa (Rock) and Eddie 135 (Ambient). He frequently works with stage directors of theatre companies such as Das Plateau, Si vous pouviez lécher mon cœur or Le Service des Urgences poétiques.He also composes soundtracks for live performance arts (dance and theatre), radio plays and for films. « Infinites réflexions» is his first solo album.
For this first solo album, Adrien Kanter invites us to an intimate exploration of his imagination, offering here all of his sensitivity. Synths, guitar, voice, field recordings, microphones etc are all ways to an universal hypnotic and sensorial introspection. His music was born from a rewriting of his own improvisations gathered at some places or during encounters, simple moments, or when back from travels or tours the head full of images and the mind excited.They were then cut and arranged as a whole nourished by the years he spent in the bands of different styles he is a part of. Elaborated during a period o six months at his home studio, the 10 tracks included in this album convey this fragile intimacy inherent to its completion. Infinites Reflexions is a night tour, an interrupted moment during which Adrien Kanter defies places, repetitions and textures while sonorities evolve depending of the titles or the instants of life crossed by these vibrations expressed by colours and rhythms harmony.
Infinites reflexions is a kaleidoscopic sonorous dream, a psychedelic, hypnotic and sensorial film score on the boundary of ambient, krautrock, drone, post-rock and experimental music.Vinyl is housed in a silk-screened fold-out cover on deluxe textured paper and comes in an edition of 382


1. Bagarre de Lions
2. Elvin
3. Heavy sounds
4. Wembley
5. Martello Rompivreto
6. Iceberg Dolores
7. Fleur de nuit
8. Satellit Transistor 6001
9. Pas le boum boum
10. Bambi puzzle

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