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Karysun is a new band from Caen / France including Amanda Woodward, Sugartown, The Eye Of Time (etc etc…) members. Formed in 2006, made few gigs as support band for Akimbo, Young Widows, Year Of No Light, Tesa etc etc. The band become more serious this winter, when we decided to complete the writing of a full lenght. We recently recorded 10 songs at studio de la souleuvre (Amanda Woodward, Sugartown Cabaret, Aussitôt Mort, Headcharger, None Id …..) and are extremely satisfied of the result.


1. landing in hell
2. always sad
3. until i die
4. glad corpses
5. interceptor
6. torch police cars
7. paco de lucifero
8. owsley stanley
9. good taste destruction
10. certain death

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