KEN MODE – null – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)artofact records2022


NULL, the band’s brand-new aural abrasion, may be the group’s quintessential statement of mental collapse and despair made sonic, a direct psychological reaction to the collective experience of the last two and a half years. Drawing from not only the desperate noise and industrial sonics of the 80’s and 90’s ala Swans, Einsturzende Neubauten, or even a Nine Inch Nails, the band has mixed in a decidedly more desperate tone to their already pointed metal/hardcore influenced “extreme noise rock” (see Melvins, Today Is The Day meets Converge and Botch), that has become their signature.
Featuring 8 new tracks recorded and produced throughout the fall and winter of 2021 by Andrew Schneider, mastered by Carl Saff, with artwork and layouts by the band’s longtime collaborator Randy Ortiz.


1. A Love Letter  
2. Throw Your Phone in the River
3. The Tie  
4. But They Respect My Tactics  

1. Not My Fault  
2. Lost Grip  
3. The Desperate Search for an Enemy  
4. Unresponsive

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