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At 77-plus minutes in length, “Dimensional Bleedthrough” sees the band initially conceived by guitar wizard Mick Barr (OCRILIM, ORTHRELM, OCTIS etc.) and Colin Marston (DYSRHYTHMIA, BEHOLD… THE ARCTOPUS, GORGUTS etc) take their sonic progressive blackened shroud and make it even more involving, where surreal and hypnotizing guitar acrobatics swirl through a meticulously constructed template of dizzying sonic chaos and structured counterpoint, solidified by the pounding and precise rhythm section provided by bassist/vocalist Nick McMaster and drummer Lev Weinstein.
Nonetheless, “Dimensional Bleedthrough” proves that the band’s initially conceived sound goes much beyond the initial conceived regard as Krallice being the “black metal band of Mick and Colin”, and into its own league of being one of the most challenging and progressive bands in “extreme metal” today.


1. Dimensional Bleedthrough
2. Autochthon
3. Aridity
4. The Mountain
5. Intraum
6. untitled
7. Monolith Of Possession

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