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CD digipackauto-production/self-released2015


The undisputed weirdos of New York City assault again with uncompromising fury after 2012's « Years Past Matter ».
Ygg Huur is more vivid, vexing, and meticulous than most of what the band's old peers still call black metal, a sentence Krallice probably no longer need to share.
This is their densest material ever, with hyperactive and coordinated guitars tucked inside sub-seven-minute windows and accompanied by a rhythm section more audacious and commanding than ever.
Krallice named Ygg Huur for a three-piece suite by late Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi, remembered for his creeping, miniscule movements around a single pitch: a fitting reference for what Krallice has become. On these songs, they de-emphasize the rock'n'roll role of riffs to the point that this music works as sets of ever-shifting rhythms, gilded by slight fluctuations in pitch.


1. Idols
2. Wastes of Ocean
3. Over Spirit
4. Tyranny of Thought
5. Bitter Meditation
6. Engram

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