LA DISPUTE – somewhere at the bottom of the river between vega and altair – VINYL 2xLP (transparent purple)

VINYL 2xLP (transparent purple)no sleep records2008


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Most frequently referred to as post-hardcore (but sometimes also progressive rock and screamo), La Dispute has spent the last year of its existence writing and recording their first full length album, « Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair. » The result of countless sleepless nights, exhaustingly precise recording sessions and a diligence bordering psychosis, « Somewhere… » is far and away the band's most mature, articulate and diverse release thus far – expanding significantly upon the groundwork from its previous two short releases. Recorded at Studiotte in Grand Rapids by Joel and Troy Otte with artwork by Nick Satinover, « Somewhere… » attempts to display an unceasing passion for art, emotion, love, community and any other aspect of life that inspires humanity to create for the better.


1. Such Small Hands
2. Said the King to the River
3. New Storms for Older Lovers
4. Damaged Goods

1. Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again
2. Bury Your Flame
3. Last Blues for Bloody Knuckles

1. The Castle Builders
2. Andria
3. Then Again, Maybe You Were Right

1. Sad Prayers for Guilty Bodies
2. The Last Lost Continent
3. Nobody, Not Even the Rain

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