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« Mass Burial Dream ». An album which sets off with such a misanthropic statement should definitely not go under the radar. This is the case with « Purge » by French adversaries Lamort – A formidable eleven tracks album and a vile eulogy for mankind.

Once the mass burial vision grinds to a halt comes « Unrest » fully loaded with acerbic rage, and sets the tone for the ultra-hypnotic instrumental aftermath of « Wowairt Gnaat Traut Isam » which recalls Brainbobms fulfilling their most horrifying secret desires in a nerve-racking patience. « Fialure » is yet another notable track with it’s nihilistic plagued doom pace overruled by emetic and vindictive vocals, giving way to « Spinning Wheel of Rats » – a ruthless instrumental track that blossomed in the reeking gardens of embitterment.

Wrapping up this purge crusade are « Rat Crevé » with its’ sludgy landslide crushing down on a purified altar of odium, and « Do What Disease’s Eyes Hardly See » – a mockery masterpiece for a song you’ll probably know and recognize, with Lamort giving this classic the standoffish requiem it deserves.


1. Mass Burial Dream
2. Unrest
3. Wowairt Gnaat Traut Isam
4. Blood Pressure
5. Fialure
6. Spinning Wheel Of Rats
7. Aigris
8. Rat Creve
10. Do What Disease’s Eyes Hardly See
11. Egouts

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