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The 4-track EP « Virée Nocturne » is released on the occasion of Prophecy Fest 2016 and heralds Les Discrets' third album « Prédateurs » (due out in early 2017). Four years after the last studio effort, « Ariettes Oubliées », Fursy Teyssier departs from his blend of atmospheric metal and post rock, influenced by such artists as Agalloch, Anathema or early Ulver, and returns with a reinvention of Les Discrets. Drawing inspiration from acts like Portishead, Massive Attack, Lana Del Rey, Pink Floyd or Blonde Redhead, he keeps his musical core with a calmer version of Les Discrets, maintaining the inherent melancholy and melodics.

« Virée Nocturne » is not only a new start in terms of music, but also on the visual level. For the first time, Teyssier collaborates with another graphic designer on the visual appearance of a Les Discrets release. The British artist Chris Friel combines painting with photography in a unique way, a huge inspiration for Teyssier and even the guideline for the music.

Besides the title track that will also be featured on « Prédateurs », the EP features the exclusive song « Capricorni. Virginis. Corvi », a demo version of another new song (« Le Reproche ») and a remix of « Virée Noturne » by progressive hip hop artist Dälek.


1. Virée Nocturne
2. Capricorni.Virginis.Corvi
3. Le Reproche (Demo Version)
4. Virée Nocturne (Dälek / Deadverse Remix)

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