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CD digipackcommunication is not words2006


L’Homme Puma plays vivid post rock with the main ingredients being epic parts à la Envy and a lot of pingly parts that remind me of a slowed down, more controlled Hot Cross when the math peaks. At a lot of times l’Homme Puma let the music speek for itself without too much vocals, but their music mostly meanders around the samples. There are a lot of moments on this self titled CD where it’s not sure what dominates the song: the sample or ‘l Homme Puma’s music. This somewhat experimental concept defenitaly creates a more emotional and dramatic atmosphere around Charles Manson’s babble, piano parts, presidential speeches, movie samples or movie music (e.g. I could recognize my favourite Kubrickfilm « Barry Lyndon », the old The Saint series etc). Although the music and samples complement eachother pretty well, I had the impression a lot of samples were thrown in at random. It didn’t become a concept album, although a first impresion might lead you to believe this.
It’s only when the raspy, shouted vocals come in when the band really shows they have a punk background. The vocals are cool and reminds me of some better known French emocore acts. Maybe not that much in music, but in a punky sort of French atmosphere. It is at those moments when ‘l Homme Puma breathes punk, nevertheless they make post rock


1. Wyniki tlumaczenia Dabrowski
2. Votre règne s’achève
3. La jungle d’Alcaraz
4. Prélude d’un baiser
5. 6h22 un 20 septembre
6. Solidaire dans la déchéance
7. Toute pudeur mise à part
8. Un week-end au lac Salmon
9. L’homme respectable
10. Eloge des petites mains

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