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Following the deranged “Pervertor” album, with “Death Mask” LORD MANTIS have created a nightmare even more greater in scope. Musically, “Death Mask” showcases the true intention of the band creating an album that’s much darker, more disturbing and more grand in its sense of psychosis than its predecessor. Sonically more violent, doomier, and more importantly more experimental, “Death Mask” expands the band’s musical canvas where more traces of industrial music and more noise, synth and sample layering begin to dominate even more. Nevertheless “Death Mask” is an album in which forces you to confront the void.

Produced, engineered, and mixed by honorary LORD MANTIS member Sanford Parker (who also provided synth work on “Death Mask”) and featuring prominent involvement from Indian vocalist Dylan O’Toole (who provides lead vocals and lyrics on the track “Negative Birth” as well as being the co-lyric writer of “Death Mask” with vocalist/bassist Charlie Fell, henceforth O’Toole like a fifth member of the band) “Death Mask” also features even more guest synth work by Indian’s Will Lindsay respectively.


1. Body Choke
2. Death Mask
3. Possession Prayer
4. You Will Gag For The Fix
5. Negative Birth
6. Coil
7. Three Crosses

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