MACHETAZO – live at cbgb

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Live recordings at the legendary CBGB club in NYC. Outstanding sound quality! 15 songs plus MOTÖRHEAD and VENOM covers, features artwork by Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY, ABSCESS), liner notes by Daryl Kahan. This release puts a final point in music history as it was the last grind/death show at CBGB before it was closed.
J.M. Dopico comments on the release: “The year 2006 was one of the most active at MACHETAZO history. We played a lot of shows and the highpoint was a minitour we made together with Portland’s grinders SPLATTERHOUSE around the USA East Coast on May, the week before Maryland Deathfest IV. “The House Of The Blind Dead Tour” was fuckin’ awesome, and together with SPLATTERHOUSE we had the opportunity of share stage with great bands like GRAVES AT SEA, PSYCHO, DEMILICH OR PUNGENT STENCH just to name a few. The best show was in New York City, where we played at the legendary club CBGB. Roy Fox from NECROHARMONIC and Daryl Kahan from FUNEBRARUM were the promotors, and they did a great work. To be into the CBGB was like being into the highest temple of punk and rock’n’roll, the place was totally old school, underground style and true as fuck. We were drinking a lot of Jack Daniels before the show and went on stage literally on fire, we played a crazy and intense set, also we had no idea about the show being recorded, later we got a cool surprise when the sound guy gave us a CD with the whole show on it! Back home we listened it and got shocked with the amazing top quality sound of the stuff, brought it to Treboada studio and mastered it just to add some loudness and volume, but no overdubs or post-mixes were made, of course, we left the shit exactly as it was that night, real, raw, crude and drunk!”.
MACHETAZO from Spain are veterans of unadulterated old school grindcore and death metal in the vein of CARCASS, REPULSION, AUTOPSY, IMPETIGO, GENERAL SURGERY, NAPALM DEATH, DEAD INFECTION and the likes.


1. El Enjambre Asesino
2. Garrote Vil
3. Yo Fui un Canibal Adolescente
4. Adoremos al Cráneo Cornudo
5. La Flema
6. Sacrificio
7. Cripta
8. Petrificado
9. El Necronomicon Templario
10. Un Vestido de Pellejo Humano
11. Niebla Fúnebre
12. Ataque Simio
13. Torso
14. Potro de Tortura
15. Ace of Spades
16. Trono de Huesos
17. Black Metal

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