MAJEURE – solar maximum – CD

CDtemporary residence limited2012


Multi-instrumentalist and sci-fi prog-rock explorer A.E. Paterra returns with his second proper full-length as Majeure. Following closely on the heels of his beloved but scarcely limited split album with fellow Zombi cohort Steve Moore, Solar Maximum expands on the cinematic, atmospheric vision alluded by his 2010 debut album, Timespan. Once again composing, performing, and producing the entire album, Paterra broadens the Majeure cosmos with an increased focus on moody synths and an almost inhuman level of patience in the payoff. Drawing influence from 70s celestial film scores, ambient krautrock, and dexterous vintage prig-rock, Solar Maximum trades in the cosmic disco of Timespan for a more spacious and ominous feel that lives up to its ambiguously ambitious title.


1. Maximum Overture
2. Solar Maximum
3. Caribbean King
4. Extreme Northern Lights
5. Geneva Spur
6. Solar Maximum 2

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