MANES – teeth, toes and other trinkets – CD

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‘Teeth, Toes And Other Trinkets’ is an anthology of eleven unreleased, obscure and hard-to-find tracks / alternate versions culled from the verdant MANES archives. Dating back to the periods of their stellar « Vilosophe » and « How The World Came To An End » full-lengths from 2003 and 2007 respectively, these previous-buried jewels have been exhumed and presented anew for fresh consumption. Much more than mere curios, each of the statements hereon represents a magical moment in its own right … some art is simply too precious to languish on the cutting-room floor! The once-lost songs flow seamlessly into one another to conjure an album proper that those who appreciate MANES’s unique, oblique charms can (re)discover together.


1. Blanket of Ashes
2. Ende (Live)
3. Ease Yourself Back (Into Conciousness)
4. The Cure-All (Remix)
5. One More Room
6. Nobody Wants the Truth
7. Tzolv
8. Transmigrant
9. Nodamnbrakes
10. Diving with Your Hands Bound (Nearly Flying)
11. Deeprooted

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