MANII – kollaps

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Manii is the new incarnation of Manes, a pioneeristic black metal act from Norway, born 1993 and remained one of the most obscure outfit off the entire Norwegian BM movement. While other bands were progressing either in terms of switching to a more ear-friendly black metal sound or building a career, Manes remained beyond it all there.. Hidden, secreted… building a solid cult following destined to remain in years, together with other projects like Stigma Diabolicum, Thorns and early Carpathian Forest…


1. Skoddeheim
2. Liv-Øydar
3. Likfugl Flaksar
4. Ei Sjæl Som Sloknar
5. Kaldt
6. Endelaust
7. Ei Beingrind I Dans
8. Avgrunns Djuv

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