MANTAR – pain is forever and this is the end – VINYL LP (violet marbled)

VINYL LP (violet marbled)metal blade records2022


Metal Blade Records is proud to welcome Mantar to its worldwide roster! Founded in 2012 by Hanno and Erinc, Mantar have become one of the leading forces in Extreme Metal within the last 10 years. Loved by fans and press alike, the band conquered the world by storm with their truly unique sound, leading them up to the Top 10 in the Official German album charts with their last studio album The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze (2018, Nuclear Blast) and sold out shows all over Europe. After the self-released cover EP Grungetown Hooligans II (2020), the band is currently finishing up the work on their 4th studio album, slated for a summer 2022 release. Keep your eyes peeled for more news to follow soon! The band comments: “As a band with a strong DIY background it was very important to us to work with a true independent label that not only respects but encourages our artistic freedom and visions as a band. Physical products still mean everything to us and Metal Blade is still one of the top players in that game. With a dedicated team of true music fans and enthusiasts in Europe and in the US we are happy to have found a new home for our band and motivated worldwide partners for new Mantar tunes.”


1. Egoisto
2. Hang ‘Em Low (So the Rats Can Get ‘Em)
3. Grim Reaping
4. Orbital Pus
5. Piss Ritual

1. Of Frost and Decay
2. Walking Corpse
3. New Age Pagan
4. Horder
5. Odysseus

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