MELVINS, THE – mangled demos from 1983 – CD

CDalternative tentacles records2005


« Mangled Demos From 1983 » — the latest bit of punk nostalgia from the ever-prolific MELVINS — begins, unexpectedly, with what turns out to be a minor revelation: an early 80s radio broadcast of Buzz Osborne, Matt Lukin, and Mike Dillard playing a couple of live songs. The tracks, in more ways than one, are vintage MELVINS, their unique sense of performance humor already encapsulated in a super-brief blast of punk noise meant to either taunt or tease their unseen and incredibly mainstream audience.


1. elks lodge christmas broadcast2. if you get bored (live radio)3. forgotten principles4. snake appeal5. symbol (flower)6. if you get bored7. set me straight 8. symbol (star)9. i’m dry10. forgotten principles11. i don’t know12. matt-alec13. the real you14. run around15. keep away from me 16. symbol (three leaf clover)17. bibulous confabulation during rehearsal18. symbol (iron cross)19. symbol (pencil)20. matt-alec21. walter22. symbol (scissors)23. symbol (airplane)

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