MILKILO – atlas – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)vox project2017


Atlas is the first album of French bass and drum noise duo, MILKILO. Re-questioned over a year and a half, the band’s songs were finally fixed on tapes in January 2017, after a session of pre-production (December 2015, Ursa Minor, with Jonas Martinière) and 2 tours (Europe in January 2016, Spain and Portugal in October 2016). Welcomed in LE 23, Poitiers, France by Tom Dherin (Benighted, Poumon…) the band had, for the first time, a proper time to record and re-thinks the songs in real studio conditions. And it worth the shot. Deepest, more intense, more thoughtful, the album is clearly the most ended recording of the band which really worked hand-to-hand with sound-engineer Tom Dherin to enhance the duet’s sound (and at the same time, its pedalboard [wink to the pedal geeks]). They also kept some time to re-embrace their first love: improvisation, whose traces are audible in the album’s interludes (ATLEAST, ATHOME, ATOMS, ATLAST). After two months of goings and comings for the mix, the album was finally mastered by Nick Zampiello (New Alliance East, MA, USA) who already worked on the band’s previous efforts.


1. arleast
2. caravelles
3. voda
4. athome
5. kamet

1. styx
2. atoms
3. coma cluster
4. memoires
5. arlast

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