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MIZMOR mastermind A.L.N. describes the new album “Prosaic” in his own words: “The idea behind “Prosaic” was to make an intentionally less conceptual, more slice-of-life record. I wanted to make an album that was less precious and obsessed-over, more honest and real; less grandiose and more human. I found it an interesting challenge to find the line between ‘you can do better’ and ‘you’re beating a dead horse.’ I tried to make my process more efficient and even fun at times. I simply wanted to share, but if that meant exacting all-out perfectionism, I wasn’t going to make a record. Right now I’m interested in making less self-indulgent music. The themes are the absurdity/futility/purpose/meaning of work, mindfulness/consciousness/living in the present moment/shedding illusions, depression/acceptance/contentment. This is the first MIZMOR album without any content relating to god/atheism. You also won’t hear any shrieks.”


1. Only An Expanse
2. No Place To Arrive
3. Anything But
4. Acceptance

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