MLADA FRONTA – no trespassing – CD

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2 years after the release of “Outrun “ (2016) which marked a new turning point in Mlada Fronta’s discography, the famous french project returns with an album deeply rooted in the musical universe of Electro, Synthwave and Darksynth.

This concept album gives pride to the 80’s revival by taking inspiration from the climate of horror / slasher movies and arcade games that have marked this generation which Rémy has been part like an entire generation devoting a cult to this decade.

No Trespassing is a 10 tracks (50 minutes total lenght) terrifying soundtrack that dives you into an infernal pursuit race with a serial killer that will leave you no respite, absolutely energetic and rhythmic, perfect for the dancefloor !


1. Deathdreams
2. The Warriors
3. No Trespassing
4. Magnus The Avenger
5. From Hell
6. Faceless Man
7. Arcade Rider
8. The Night Hunter
9. Dead Or Alive
10. Imminent Danger

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