MONARCH – dead men tell no tales – 2xCD digisleeve

2xCD digisleevecrucial blast records2007


Hailing from the picturesque Northern Basque Country of France, MONARCH! unleash a slow motion avalanche of impossibly glacial, blackened sludge and hypnotic feedback, each epic tarpit riff stretched out eternally over ultra-lumbering drums and rumbling speaker cabinets. Over these yawning expanses of black void appear the demonic, throat-shredding shrieks and ghostly singing of Emilie. Beyond heavy. Mega-crawling ambient doom/drone/sludge in the tradition of Melvins, Corrupted, Noothgrush, and Black Sabbath. This double CD set contains both MONARCH!’s new LP Die Tonight, and the out-of-print Speak Of The Sea LP, both released in limited vinyl editions as European imports, with additional unreleased songs exclusive to this release. Dead Men Tell No Tales is presented in an offset-printed, 4 panel case printed by Stumptown Printers, with all new original artwork in the band’s unique Sanrio-influenced style.


1. We Are The Music Makers
2. Speak of the Devil, Speak of the Sea
3. Dead Men Tell No Tales

1. Winter Bride
2. Swan Song

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