MOORE, STEVE – the mind’s eye (OST) – VINYL 2xLP (black)

VINYL 2xLP (black)relapse records2016


STEVE MOORE (of Zombi fame) returns with a mesmerizing new score for the action/horror film The Mind’s Eye. More vivid and dynamic than ever, The Mind’s Eye demonstrates STEVE MOORE’s mastery of the vignette alongside his ability to weave together cohesive, consistent themes. Over the course of eighty-five minutes, STEVE MOORE crafts a riveting portrait of tension and terror through a variety of textures ranging from probing dark ambient and slick arpeggiations to anxious sound collage and epic, gothic bombast. The latest testament to STEVE MOORE’s legacy of synth supremacy.


1. Intro
2. Police Station
3. Interrogation
4. Titles
5. Zack Attack
6. The Shot
7. Good Girl
8. Zack’s Out The Bag

1. The Escape Pt 1
2. The Escape Pt 2
3. Stitches
4. Father and Son
5. I Trust Her So Much
6. It’s Complicated
7. What Are You Waiting For
8. Injections 01:5797. Kurt and Travis Arrive
10. You’re making a big mistake

1. Mike vs Kurt
2. Confrontation
3. Rayne in Blood
4. Goodbye
5. Armstrong Splits
6. On The Phone
7. Zack’s Back

1. Zack vs Travis: The Rematch
2. Get Ready
3. Psychic War
4. Slovak Escapes
5. My Brain Does Not Tire
6. This Ends Now
7. The End
8. End Credits

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