MOURIR – disgrace – VINYL LP (magenta)

VINYL LP (magenta)throatruiner records2022


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arely two years after their debut release “Animal Bouffe Animal”, Toulouse, France’s MOURIR return with “Disgrâce”, a modern black metal tour-de-force. This time written as a full band, this second full-length was recorded live and mixed by Amaury Sauvé at The Apiary Studio and mastered by Thibault Chaumont (Plebeian Grandstand, Birds In Row, The Phantom Carriage…).
Album opener “La Pluie, Le Torrent, La Boue, Le Vent, La Lave” immediately sets the tone, drowning the listener into crawling guitars and repulsive gargles before gradually growing to a majestic climax – paving the way for a galore of alienating, hypnotic riffs and hair-raising vocals ranging from commanding growls to skinned-alive screams. From the slow-burning groove of “De Pisse Et D’Orgueil” to the full-frontal assault of “Bâtards Égarés”, “Disgrâce” shows a band that has mastered their own realm, strengthening their vision of black metal by maxing out every bit of their sound.


1. La Pluie, le Torrent, la Boue, le Vent, la Lave
2. Que de Chemins Minables
3. De Pisse et d’Orgueil

1. Bâtards égarés
2. En Flammes
3. Soit

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