NASA SPACE UNIVERSE – across the wounded galaxies

VINYL LP (black)shogun recordings2011


Flo says: « NASA SPACE UNIVERSE assaults you like a wild starving dog with its blend of quirky and noisy guitar riffs, post-punkish bass lines, roughly chaotic drumming and offensive vocals. It grabs you leg and bites you until you bleed to death dancing like a maniac victim. Very punk, very rude and not that pleasant if you’re looking for a « quietly sat next to the fire » listen. You’ll burn instead, and those maniacs will form the names of such great forerunners as BORN AGAINST, IN/HUMANITY, ASSFACTOR 4 and the likes with the remains of your bones. Before the wind blows it all away and leaves what once was a human being wandering across the wounded galaxies. »

Daniel Sorry State recs : Debut 12″ from this Southern California band who are obviously heavily inspired by Die Kreuzen. They have a lot of aspects of DK’s sound totally down… the awkward rhythms, the way the bass carries the riff while the guitarist just plays on the three thinnest strings, and of course the demented vocals, which remind me a lot of very early Die Kreuzen. However, despite all of this obvious influence, NSU actually sound really unique… maybe because they’re Californians in 2011 and not midwesterners in the early 80s? A fucking ripping LP… you can’t get better than this if you’re looking for spastic, confusing hardcore.

2nd pressing : 200 black, folded out hand screened sleeve (May 2013)


1. Tiny Tom Allen Wrench
2. 3-2-4 Slop
4. Pink Beret
5. Denzel Washington D.C. Forty
6. Graham Grizzly

1. PP Fresco
2. Grizzly Graham’s Golden Shower
3. Come On Eileen Bung On My Face
4. Twap
5. Selfish Tony’s Splendor Bender
6. Beware Of Bat Alley, Boo Spooky

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