NEGATIVE REACTION – tales from the insomniac

CDpsychedoomelic records2008


Negative Reaction give any band in the sludge/doom scene a kick in the ass. One of the heaviest bands around today, NR uses feedback as a hammer and the guitars tuned to A as the stake. Don’t be alarmed though, this band writes songs with feeling and heart to match creativity and give the listener one hell of a time. They can tear through a fast number as well as a slow one, which will make you think you’re listening to a combination of Grief, Black Sabbath and Napalm Death. Negative Reaction released their first seven inch in 1993 and are still going strong. Discover the heaviest band, the Gods of Sludge…


1. Go Die
2. Sleep Clinic
3. Worthless Human
4. A Wish to Dream
5. Wildchild’s Dillusion
6. Falling Upon Deaf Ears
7. Hatin’ Life Again
8. The Ancient Secret of War
9. When They’re Gone

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