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The multi-talented, genre hopping anonymous collective Non Serviam have teamed up with label Code666 to bring forth another masterful release, blurring lines between genres and going beyond the boundaries that restrain them. Non Serviam creates a sonic collage of experimental, black, doom, grindcore, crust and industrial metal while staying within the framework of a baroque influence that will assault the auditory senses in the form of one of the most brutal and extreme releases of the year.
“Le Coeur Bat” (The Heart Beats) is comprised of 8 tracks which delve into the the deepest pits of the universe and worse even still, the darkest corners of the mind!


1. Le Coeur Bat
2. Infanticide
3. Nights in Black Masses (Interlude)
4. Salem
5. S’Evaporer (Instrumental)
6. I Watch You From Afar
7. Inno Individualista
8. Je Contre (Demo)

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