NORDVARGR – helvete

CD digipacketernal pride productions2008


The newest creation from Villa Bohult, the Nordvargr family burial vault. This time the “cursed poet” Wrest from the USBM Leviathan Cult and Drakhon (Beyond Sensory Experience, MZ. 412) have joined the night sessions of the never sleeping Swedish zombie.
It would be totally insane to be waiting for something life-asserting, light and positive for the three of them.
“Helvete” is just the overwhelming Darkness and the ice-cold all-filling Terror. Meditative and sinister Dark Ambient rhythms are filled with the ominous whisper of Wrest and Drakh. Deep and lengthy drones as well as the charming atmosphere of the Swedish industrial decadence.


1. I Helvetet I
2. Conjugation To Him
3. The Shadows Are Bent By My Presence
4. Dronevessel Part II – For All Things Divine
5. Dronevessel Part III – I Summon My Smaster To Bring Forth Doom
6. Exit Cult, Enter Hell
7. B.S.B.
8. I Helvetet II

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