NORDVARGR – pyrrhula

CDcold spring records2008


Partly based on an old Swedish folktale, Pyrrhula (« doomlord ») is a pitch black journey into utter darkness. This is a tale of foreboding doom… a portent of dark times to come… a blight on the face of this earth. These eight Black Ambient / Doom / Droneworks were brought forth from the abyss of Villa Bohult exclusively for Cold Spring and contain the malevolent vocals of Lord Nordvargr himself!. « Beware the small creatures of light, they only bring misery and death upon the enlightened ones. For they will paint their breast with blood and reap your unborn angels. »


1. Another Weeping Doomlord Lost
2. Pyrrhula One
3. Inwards To Salvation
4. Tordön
5. Hascimh Reborn
6. Pyrrhula Two
7. Aryana Of The Open Wound
8. Stripped Of All But My Loyalty I Serve

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