NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR – chaos reigns – CD

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Hailing from Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen, death-crust quintet NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR have waged war on the world with their tales of despair, human atrocities and man-made Armageddon since 2003. 2012 sees the unit hooking up with Southern Lord for the release of Chaos Reigns, a CD compilation of ten crushing tunes from several of the band’s vinyl only releases. The band’s metallic crust-punk coalesces elements of Tragedy, Discharge, Doom, Amebix and even some Slayer into a thunderous, pissed-off brew.


1. Crisis
2. Collapse
3. Descent
4. Abyss
5. Total Annihilation
6. Mindchain
7. Devolve To Submission
8. World Enslaved
9. Chaotic Alliance
10. The Darkest Age
11. Morbid Tales

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