OATHBREAKER – eros anteros – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)deathwish records2013


« Eros|Anteros » is the breathtaking follow up to Oathbreaker's critically acclaimed « Maelstrom » album (Deathwish 2011). Where « Maelstrom » acted as individual fragments of aural shrapnel, « Eros|Anteros » is a monstrous shockwave of sound. It is Oathbreaker's story of love and the anti-love (life and death), and the growth they have experienced through these trials.
In opener « Beeltenis » (Dutch for « Portrait ») layers of melodious guitar cry out to one another through the blackness. Acting as a ghostlike warning before Oathbreaker whips calm to chaos. « No Rest for the Weary » then abruptly crashes forward with breakneck speed and from there the floodgates of « Eros|Anteros » are open. As vocalist Caro Tanghe lets out the hair raising screams of « I'll never know what it means – this deadly calm inside », it's clear that this album is more potent and personal than most heavy music; this is a collective soul searching for the band. This is most apparent in brother and sister songs « As I Look Into the Abyss » and « The Abyss Looks Into Me ». A stunning pairing that shows Oathbreaker racing through razor sharp metallic riffing before erupting into a vicious emotional explosion. This quarrel continues throughout the « Eros|Anteros », finally coming to a head in the haunting closer « Clair Obscur ». A brilliant eleven minute epic that carefully balances shoe-gaze leanings with their wounded post-metal heart.


1. Beeltenis
2. No Rest for the Weary
3. Upheaval
4. As I Look into the Abyss
5. The Abyss Looks into Me

1. Condor Tongue
2. Offer Aan de Leegte
3. Agartha
4. Nomads
5. Clair Obscur

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