OATHBREAKER – maelstrom – VINYL LP (black in beer)

VINYL LP (black in beer)deathwish records2011


Similarities in Oathbreaker's ferocity to bands like Cursed, Rise And Fall, and From Ashes Rise are apparent, but merely a flash point for them. Opener « Origin » strikes hard of the gate, crashing down with swirling guitars, thunderous drumming, and vicious vocal stylings. From there, Oathbreaker push the limits of brutal with « Hierophant », a crushing mid paced masterpiece infected with a « Wolverine Blues » spirit. While songs « Thoth » and « Glimpse Of The Unseen » carry a Doom Metal like candor that would even make Tom G. Warrior proud. Song after song, the chaos ensues within the Oathbreaker vortex as they explore all shades of heavy. Then, as suddenly as their rage appeared on the horizon, it recedes to reveal the album's mesmerizing title track « Mælstrøm ». A dark acoustic passage that shows Oathbreaker's ability to not only unleash a fury, but control the musical super storm within.


1. Orgin
2. Hierophant
3. Fate Is High
4. Sink Into Sin – I
5. Sink Into Sin – II

1. Thoth
2. Black Sun
3. Glimpse Of The Sun
4. Maelstrom

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