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Odawas is a psychedelic / cinematic / new-wave / folk band that formed in Bloomington, Indiana in 2003.
In 2005, Jagjaguwar Records released “The Aether Eater”, the band’s first full-length album. While recording a follow-up record, singer and songwriter Michael Tapscott produced a home-recorded solo record under the moniker More Animals of the Arctic. “An Appendix of Whaling Terms” was released in 2006 by Standard Recording Company. 2007 saw the release of “Raven and the White Night” on Jagjaguwar. The album found the band crafting material that blended the songwriting of Tapscott’s solo work and the ambient textures developed by synth player and producer Isaac Edwards.

In 2008 Tapscott and Edwards relocated to Chicago, IL and began recording their next album “The Blue Depths”, which was released in 2009. They are now in the San Francisco area where they have been playing with long time fellow Indiana musician Connor O’Sullivan. After having released Tapscott’s second collaboration with Andrew Kenower in 2012, Parisian based label Bookmaker Records releases “Reflections of a Pink Laser”, Odawas’ first record in five years.


1. Black Iron Awakening / The Empire Never Ended
2. Silver Fish Gnosis / The Old Temple
3. Paul Klee in Damascus / The Octagon

1. Anamnesia / Home is a Concept
2. What If Our World is Their Heaven ?
3. Flow My Tears

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