OFFICIUM – lazybones – VINYL LP (black)

VINYL LP (black)teenage menopause records2023


After a territory drilling, playing tons of gigs, here is the debut album, as a manifesto from the multi-instrumentist and dedicated to experimentation artist : Alban Mercier.
Few years of traveling, digging and engraving the materials and influences, Alban is a perpetual-movement, a never-ending quest far from any boundaries, or fences of the genres.
This multi-talented artist merges in this full-length many of his influences from ritualistic wishpered musics and mythisicms from autoctones communities from far east to the early industrials dubish sonorities and rythms such as a Scorn could produce if he was producing, still.
He drawn and cut the lines of this 8-track album and recorded them with the help of our beloved Paulie Jan at Agit Prop Studio late summer 2022.He also offers the artworks in order to give an object from its own. Very personal and dedicated.


1. lazybones (ft Catherine Danger)
2. loose fit (ft Catherine Danger)
3. more nothing
4. Sainte-Marie-Des-Chazes

1. oiseaux parleurs
2. with another now (ft Catherine Danger)
3. subtext (the double line)
4. ground albedo earth

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