ONE AM RADIO – on the shore of the wide world

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“On the Shore of The Wide World,” an EP of remixes, follows up the full-length album “A Name Writ in Water,” released in April 2004. Hrishikesh Hirway (aka The One AM Radio) creates intricate, lush compositions that Pitchfork said « simply feel colossal. » On this record, seven of his songs are deconstructed and reinterpreted by a cast of luminaries. The line-up includes avant hip-hop auteur DAEDELUS (Ninja Tune/Mush/Plug Research/Eastern Dev), minimalist tech-house veteran JOHN TEJADA (Plug Research/Palette), ambient experimentalist THE WIND-UP BIRD (Music Fellowship/Translucence), shoegazey beatmaker CAURAL (Chocolate Industries), and Anticon MC and producer ALIAS.


1. what you gave away (alias remix)2. under thunder and gale (a black and blue sky by daedelus)3. buried below (gasp and sputter remix by hrishikesh hirway)4. i didn’t speak the language (caural’s almost lost mix)5. witness (john tejada remix)6. drowsy haze (jane’s block out interlude)7. lucky (five waking dreams by greg davis)8. untied (dirty projectors remix)9. fever dream (calling out by the wind-up bird)

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