ORCHID (san francisco) – the mouths of madness – CD

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Taking into consideration that the Californian quintet had obviously already found its formula for success, one could have expected them to play save by fully maintaining the first record’s course. However, when giving Orchid’s sophomore release The Mouths of Madness a spin for the first time, one will immediately realize that it embodies anything but stagnation! « The new tracks sound much more direct – the tunes are of a higher quality, somehow more on the spot, which can be traced back to the fact that we’ve all become better musicians », guitarist Mark Thomas Baker states. « Plus there’s an increased amount of psychedelic parts that we weren’t able to show as much before, while the use of synthesizers was decreased, compared to Capricorn. » The instrumental recordings, split into two separate sessions, were done in Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco as well as in Laughing Tiger Studios, San Rafael, before long-time producer and engineer Will Storkson and his home studio came into play, where the vocals were tracked. Carrying their 70’s-doom-hard- rock vibe to a new level of intensity and adding new facets to the work of art, Orchid haves succeeded in staying true to their roots while refining their trademark sound at the same time.


1. The Mouths Of Madness
2. Marching Dogs Of War
3. Silent One
4. Nomad
5. Mountains Of Steel
6. Leaving It All Behind
7. Loving Hand Of God
8. Wizard Of War
9. See You On The Other Side

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