ORTHODOX – fo(u)r burial (split with OTESANEK, LOSS and MOURNFUL CONGREGATION) – CD digipack

CD digipackthe flenser records2008


This is a reissue of the classic doom split that has been remastered and features new artwork by Chimere Noire.

Fo(ur) Burials is a lost classic of extreme doom, and has now finally, reverently been brought back into circulation by The Flenser. Featuring monolithic emissions from Mournful Congregation, Loss, Orthodox, and Otesanek, this four-track album reeks of desolation, the gnashing of teeth and virulent decay. “Heavy” does not begin to do these songs justice; the riffs stumble and crawl through an acid bath of feedback and distortion, dragging themselves along on broken knees. Funereal horde Mournful Congregation hail from Australia, and recently released a much-hailed compilation album via 20 Buck Spin, as well as news of a brand-new full-length and virgin US tour. With “Despond” (Profound Lore), Nashville’s Loss released one of the most painfully beautiful and critically-acclaimed albums of 2010, entombing listeners with a richly melodic, flowing shroud of depression. Orthodox’s ultra-minimal, droning, ambient take on the traditional rites of doom bleeds forth from Spain and belies the myth that sun breeds contentment. Otesanek, now-defunct and much-missed, crawled out of the filth and desperation of Philadelphia; their sludgy, crusty, unbearably brutal sound remains unmatched today. The quartet of compositions on Fo(ur) Burials are all very different, yet drawn together by a shared atmosphere of longing, sadness, and disgust for that which we call life. The cult of death is calling. Dig in.


1. Otesanek –Seven Are They
2. Loss – (To Pass Away) Death March Towards My Ruin
3. Orthodox – Heritage
4. Mournful Congregation – Left Unspoken

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